The Perfect Trivial Benefit Gift

Trivial benefits were introduced by HMRC to allow businesses to gift small presents to their employees, for example on birthdays or for Christmas – without paying tax or national insurance on them. But, there doesn’t have to be a special reason, you can give them any time you feel like it. 

There are some criteria that qualify a gift as a trivial benefit:

1️⃣ Must cost you £50 or less per employee.

2️⃣ Cannot be cash – this includes a cash voucher.

3️⃣ Is not given as a reward or incentive that’s linked to performance.

4️⃣ Is not mentioned in an employee’s contract as a perk.

5️⃣ Directors of ‘close’ companies do not exceed £300 per year in trivial gifts. There is no limit for other employees.

Our luxury hotel break gift vouchers start at £25 and can be bought in £50 denominations too, making them an ideal trivial benefit gift.

Our vouchers can be spent on any luxury break package on our site – your employees could even save their vouchers and combine them together, allowing you to treat your staff to a luxury break each quarter – tax free!

You can order our physical vouchers, send them via email or receive them ready for immediate download.

There is no limit to how many of these gifts can be given throughout the year as long as they do not cost more than £50 per employee each time. Here are some suggestions as to when these gifts might be appropriate:

🎄 Christmas

🐣 Easter

🎈 Birthday

🧸 New baby

🏡 New home

💍 Wedding anniversaries

💼 New starter gift

👋 Farewell gift

✨ Celebration of a company milestone

So, the next time you’re looking for a way to gift your employees – head to our Corporate Gift Voucher page and send them a voucher towards there next luxury break.

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