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Two children get on the train. Only one gets off…


‘Probably the most suspenseful book I will read all year.’ Liz Nugent

No one saw it happen.
Your two little girls jump on the train ahead of you. As you try to join them, the doors slide shut and the train moves away, leaving you behind.

Everyone is lying.
It’s only when you reach the next stop that you truly begin to panic. Because there aren’t two children waiting for you on the platform. There’s only one.

Someone is to blame.
Has your other daughter got lost? Been taken by a passing stranger? Or perhaps the culprit is closer to home than you think?

We’ve secured a couple of chapters from Andrea’s latest crime thriller. Click below for an exclusive sneak peek of this gripping tale. You won’t want to miss this!



Andrea Mara is a Sunday Times and Irish Times top ten bestselling author, and has been shortlisted for a number of awards, including Irish Crime Novel of the Year. She lives in Dublin, Ireland, with her husband and three young children, and also runs multi-award-winning parent and lifestyle blog, No One Saw a Thing, her most recent novel, sold more than 100,000 copies in thirteen weeks and became an instant No.1 Kindle and Irish bestseller.

An Interview with Andrea:

Could you give us an insight into what inspired you to write ‘No One Saw A Thing’?

No One Saw A Thing was inspired by something that happened to me as a child while on holiday in London with my parents and sisters. My younger sister and I got on a Tube, and before my parents and other sisters could get on, the doors slid shut and the Tube took off. We had no idea what to do, but the person beside us had heard my dad shouting ‘Tower Bridge!’ through the closed door and told us where to get off. The rest of the family caught up with us shortly after, but it’s only now as an adult that I can truly understand how terrifying it must have been for my parents. 

People often look for ways to escape the pressures of their day-to-day lives. How do you relax and unwind after a long day of writing?

Much as I’d like to pretend I unwind with a long walk or a run, the truth is, after a long day writing and looking after my kids, all I want to do is read and watch something really good on TV. My husband and I have exactly the same taste in TV shows – the crimier the better – and woe betide the person who watches ahead when the other one isn’t there. 

What’s your favourite spot to visit in the UK when you’re in need of a little relaxation or inspiration?

Any time I spend in the UK (I’m from Dublin) is usually book related – trips to London or to Harrogate for the crime festival there. So if I could go for leisure, I’d love to go to Devon. It’s somewhere I spent time on childhood holidays, and I have wonderful memories of how beautiful it was there. I’d love to return for nostalgic reasons too, to retrace childhood steps.

If you could invite three people, past or present, to join you on a relaxing getaway, who would they be, and where would you take them?

I was going to pick three people I think are incredibly talented, so I could see what makes them tick – Taylor Swift, Taylor Jenkins Reid, and Barbara Kingsolver. But then I figured for a truly relaxing break, I should go with people I know very well, so I’d choose my three sisters, and we’d go to Clonakilty in West Cork. 

Are there any destinations you dream of visiting that you haven’t been able to yet?

I’d love to visit Edinburgh as I’ve never been to Scotland. This is somewhat unusual for an Irish person, as Scotland is close in distance and heritage, but somehow I’ve never been. I’ve heard Edinburgh is beautiful but also easy for tourists to navigate, which would be a big selling point. 

If you hadn’t pursued a writing career, what would you think you would be doing instead?

I worked in Financial Services for 17 years and only left because they closed our Dublin office and moved the work to Luxembourg – if that hadn’t happened, I’d still be there. If I could do something creative with no pressure to earn money or actually be good at it, I’d love to be a photographer. A career taking photos of nice things to put on Instagram! 

Quick fire round:

  1. Where is your favourite place to relax?

In truth, my bedroom. It’s got floor to ceiling bookshelves wrapped around a big picture window and it’s where I go to escape once the words are written and the kids are fed!

  1. Does writing energise or exhaust you?

Both, for sure. I think most authors feel the same – there’s a natural high that comes with getting words down on paper. A strange kind of exhausted, wired energy.

  1. What are 3 words to describe yourself?

Disciplined. Giddy. Overthinker. 

  1. What is one thing everyone should do?

Try something you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t think you could. For me, that was writing a book. I thought, ‘why would I think I can write a book?’ and if it wasn’t for redundancy, and a nudge from a writer I know, I don’t think I’d have done it. So that’s my pay-it-forward message – try that one thing you’ve always wanted to do.

  1. What are you reading right now?

An advance copy of Truth Truth Lie by Claire McGowan, a super pacy thriller set on a Scottish island, coming out in May this year. 

  1. What 3 things can’t you leave the house without?

A notebook and pen, in case I think of the BEST book idea ever and can’t write it down, and of course, like almost everyone in 21st century life, my phone. 

  1. Best way to travel, train, plane or car?

Train for sure. There’s something intriguing and exotic and romantic about train travel. That sense (possibly prompted by Agatha Christie books) that anything could happen. 

  1. Reading, TV, Music – in order of preference?

Reading, TV, Music in that order exactly. 

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