5 Country Hotels fit for The Queen.

During her 70 year reign, Her Majesty The Queen has travelled all over the world, and stayed in some of the very best hotels. Here are 5 of our favourite hotels in the UK with close ties to Queen Elizabeth II and her family.

Carberry Tower Castle & Estate

A much-loved holiday destination for the young Princess Elizabeth and her sister the late Princess Margaret. Carberry Tower Castle & Estate was the home of Queen Elizabeth II’s maternal aunt and regularly played host to King George VI and his wife Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. More>>

The Celtic Royal

Queen Elizabeth II is the great-great-grand daughter of Queen Victoria and it was in 1832 that the then Princess Victoria stayed at the Celtic Royal Hotel with her mother. More>>

Goldsborough Hall

Once the private home of Princess Mary, the only daughter of King George V – and aunt of Queen Elizabeth II – Goldsborough Hall is every bit as grand and regal as you might expect. More>>

Ballathie House

King Edward the VIII – Uncle to Queen Elizabeth II – abdicated in 1936, setting in motion a series of events that eventually saw the 25-year-old Princess Elizabeth take the throne. It was back when he was the Prince of Wales that Edward VIII stayed at Ballathie House, along with the Duke of Westminster. The Queen spends her summers just 90minutes away at Balmoral. More>>

The Chester Grosvenor

The royals have close ties with the Grosvenor family, having been friends for many years. The Chester Grosvenor has played host to Her Majesty the Queen, as well as Prince Charles and the late Diana, Princess of Wales. More>>   

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