Haunted Hotels for Halloween – are you brave enough?

Whether you are a serious ghost hunter or a complete sceptic we have compiled a collection of beautiful hotels spanning the centuries, that include all the history, mystery, and urban legend you could hope for this Halloween.

Are you brave enough to stay at one of these frighteningly great hotels?

Mosborough Hall is steeped in history and fantastic stories of scandalous affairs that took place here, including that of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Theirs wasn’t the only affair that ended in disaster. Back in the late 1600’s a governess at the hall became pregnant following a dalliance with the Squire. He promised he would provide her with money and a small cottage, but then reneged on his promise claiming financial hardship. The couple argued and it’s believed the governess threated to tell his wife. Shortly afterwards the Squire visited her room on the pretext of keeping his promise and in a moment of desperation slit the poor girl’s throat. Since then, the spectre of a white lady has been seen numerous times by visitors to the hall and is said to haunt The Lord John Darcy Suite.

From affairs of the heart to a much more civilised affair, would you stay in the Haunted Suite?

Dating way back to the 13th century Dalhousie Castle has seen many people pass through its doors. Today it is a luxury Hotel & Spa, however the venue is allegedly haunted by several ghosts. Sir Alexander Ramsay was starved to death in the dungeon of the castle in 1342 by a jealous rival. Some claim he still haunts the castle and its grounds to this day. The spookiest ghost is that of the lovelorn Lady Catherine, banished to the Castle Tower in 1695. Lady Catherine was locked in the tower after being caught with a stable hand and died there of a broken heart. Many people have seen her. She is often mistaken for a member of staff. Others have reported seeing a woman in their rooms, waving from windows, even sitting at the end of their beds!

Why not banish yourself to the Castle Tower Suite? It’s a lot more luxurious these days!

Wood Norton Hall is a wonderful example of Victorian grandeur and wealth, and the last home in England of Prince Philippe, Duke of Orléans, fourth Son of the King of France. The Wood Norton has its fair share of ghosts, including the Duchess herself – she allegedly still roams her wing of the house in a white nightdress. There are certain rooms here that staff refuse to go into alone, and it’s not just the inside of the property that is said to be haunted. Venture into the woods where 100 years ago one of the groundsmen was murdered by poachers. He has been seen by various guests near the spot where his body was found, apparently still keeping a watchful eye on the place.

Ask the staff about some of the other ghostly goings on here, including the spectre of the black panther that supposedly prowls the grounds.

Atholl Palace is a castellated hotel, built in 1875. It is reputed to be haunted by a ‘Green Lady’. Her spectre has been witnessed by staff and guests in one of the bedrooms and in the corridor just outside the room. She appears so frequently that it’s rumoured the management no longer assign this room to guests. Due to the number of complaints received in the middle of the night they allegedly took this room out of their inventory to avoid having to calm startled occupants who had encountered the mysterious Green Lady.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The Swan at Lavenham – Back in the eighteen hundreds, when the hotel was a thriving coaching Inn, one of the unmarried housekeepers here fell pregnant. The baby’s father agreed he would marry her to save her reputation. However, on the day of the wedding he jilted his pregnant bride at the altar. She was inconsolable and fled back to her quarters at the inn. It is claimed the poor woman hung herself in what is now room 15. Recently a security guard working alone one night claimed that as he was doing his final checks, he encountered her. She scared him out of his wits and sent him running in the other direction. Several other guests have reported seeing her, although they claim to have been startled rather than scared.

Are you brave enough to stay in room 15?

Bodysgallen Hall & Spa – This Jacobean house is said to be haunted by a white lady and is rumoured to have secret tunnels running beneath it. However, it is what happened outside Bodysgallen Hall in 1959 that drew the attention of the local press. Gareth Jones, a now-retired police officer, reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a mysterious hooded figure lurking at the end of an ancient footpath leading from the church to Bodysgallen Hall. The suspicious figure was so clearly visible it prompted the police officer to pull over, only for it to evaporate right in front of his eyes. After reporting the incident, he was amazed to hear the same thing had happened back in the 1930s to the father of one of his colleagues. The pathway is known locally as The Monks Walk, as it is said that Monks carried the stones needed to build Llanrhos Church along this little lane.

Would you dare to walk down this pathway after dark?

Flitwick Manor – This hotel is well known for its hospitality and picturesque setting. However, Flitwick has gained another, more spirited reputation, as the home of tragedy, suspected murder, and its very own ghost. The story of the haunting has been shared for over a century and goes something like this:
The young son of a former owner became sick after developing a mysterious illness. Shortly afterwards he died. The circumstances of his illness and death seemed suspicious to the family and they suspected foul play. Suspicion fell on Mrs. Banks, one of the housekeepers who spent a great deal of time with the boy. Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough evidence to officially charge Mrs. Banks with murder. Nevertheless, she was fired and banished from the manor.
When the house was recently renovated and converted into a luxury hotel, workers opened a hidden door leading into a mysterious room, since then the apparition of Mrs. Banks has been witnessed several times in the hotel. She has been described as a little old lady with white hair, seen innocently wandering around the house. A former manager reported that one day an elderly woman suddenly appeared in one of the corridors. He was about to greet her when he received the fright of his life. The little old lady vanished right before his eyes. 

If you encountered the ghostly housekeeper, would you ask for extra towels?

Langley Castle – For decades it was believed that the Grey Lady haunting Langley Castle was Maud de Lucy, who on hearing the news that her husband had been killed in battle was so overcome with grief that she threw herself out of the castle window. However, a study of the genealogy of the De Lucy family has made hotel staff question the identity of the mysterious Grey Lady. Maud’s first husband died in battle in 1381 but she later remarried. When she died in 1398 her second husband was still alive, which debunks the claim the ghost is Maud. It is now believed the ghost is more likely to be Agnes de Beaumont a relative of King Edward III and stepmother to Maud. She was born in 1323, but her death is shrouded in mystery.

If you see the Grey Lady ask her what her name, is so we can finally solve this mystery once and for all.

Nanteos Mansion – It is said that that seven monks came to Nanteos following the dissolution of the monasteries in 1539. The monks fled to Nanteos for safety bringing with them a sacred relic which was reputed to be the Holy Grail. It is claimed the seven monks are still buried within the grounds of the mansion, possibly beneath the basement.
In 1899 estate worker David Rowlands sadly drowned in the lake and visitors have reported seeing a man near the lake waving his hands for help before vanishing. Another ghostly figure that has been identified is that of William Griffiths the stable Groom, who was killed after being attacked with a garden rake by the Head Gardener on 12 October 1782. Occasionally he can be seen standing in the shrubbery as if waiting for someone. At a Summer Fete at Nanteos in 2014, a visitor encountered the apparition of a young boy sobbing in the corner of the stable yard. The young boy was muttering and worried he was going to be punished for something he had done. This spooked the visitor as he had never experienced anything paranormal before.

If you spot the little boy, tell him all is forgiven and he’s not in any trouble.

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The hotels shown represent just some of the 200+ luxury properties we feature throughout the UK. Whether you are looking for a spooky Halloween break or just want a terrifyingly great hotel deal, browse our complete collection for more.

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